Hey Now,



Tell your friends and shout it from the heavens, The Attack is BACK on Wednesday December 13th for a Holiday themed special episode! Full set, full crew, guests, hijinks, and much more as we round out 2017 with a bang.

I'd be remiss to not thank everyone on our Patreon who made this possible by reaching the $8,000 stretch goal. Your support means everything to us (quite literally it lets us all do this full time) and we can not say thank you enough.

We love to make the show proper and everyone is grinning ear to ear at the thought of another episode next week. Our goal is to continue growing the Patreon so that we can hit the goal of being self sustaining and go back to weekly episodes. In order to hit that goal we need to keep kicking ass and getting out unique band of content infront of more eyes, so maybe just force everyone you know to watch the show when you gather for the holidays? Good idea? Bad idea? Great let's go with it!


Oh and one more thing...

WE HAVE SHIRTS! (sorry it took so long)

While you're chekin' out the new threads, you can also browse our new Attack Hotline Miami Poster and custom made and mounted Attack Canvas Prints.

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