Hey Fam,

I wanted to share the updated schedule with you, and talk through some changes that will be happening over the next few weeks. First, here's the schedule, starting April 24th, 2017:

Take a moment, ingest the changes. We're giving "Let's Do It On The Table", "Night of The Living Show", "Spitting Game", and "Bring Your 12"" a little break. No, the shows are not cancelled. Also, your mother and I still love you very much. This isn't your fault. We're making some changes, and need to focus. Think of it like the end of a season for your favorite series.

Here's what's up:

  1. We're moving! There's a full-on studio move happening over the next few weeks. That's going to take a lot of work, and dominate time for all of us. The new studio space is amazing, and will have a positive effect on each show.
  2. More Attack Awesomeness! Although sometimes things on the shows go sideways, I can promise you that an astounding amount of time and effort goes into each and every episode of The Attack. And we want to make the shows even better. So we're focusing on The Attack while the move happens, to keep it at maximum awesome for you.
  3. A Third Thing! Lists aren't complete with just 2 items. You need a third one for rhythm and as a punchline.

We don't want you to think that we don't enjoy the other shows. We do. There's a reason that each and every one of them exists. Our team is fired up about bringing them back, with the best quality, shortly after the move (mid-May). We'll work over the break on ways to start the next season with bigger, better shows, and maybe explosions.

In the meantime, please roll with us through the move, and just keep being you. That's the you we like.

Jake-Bot of The Attack

p.s. I'm also not a fan of change. To help us both, here's a doggo moving (just like us!):