Hey Fam,

Last week, you got an update that we're finally making the big move to the new studio. After a lot of planning and prep in the studio, we've got to make a few more adjustments for the coming weeks. Take a deep breath, here we go:

Front Page Continues

Our morning bit of clusterfuuuuuun continues. Monday through Thursday, these will continue to play on Twitch, with the Friday episode exclusive to $5+ patrons on Patreon.

The Attack Light

The setup and production of The Attack is a big, beautiful mess. Since we're moving the entirety of our studio, we're winding up this season of The Attack with today's episode, #273. During the move, we'll be doing some fun Attack-like episodes in the normal timeslot. They'll be a little more intimate, but still a lot of fun.

The Attack will be back for the new season on JULY 7TH. Put it on your calendar, tell all of your friends so they can catch up on previous episodes, and then watch our thousand armed monster come alive from our brand new space (it's gonna be fancy).

More IRL & Let's Play Fun

During the move, you can expect to see more random IRL streams and let's plays. I don't even know where these will be coming from, so get ready for some top notch random IRLs from Alex & Erin.

Locations might include:

  • Los Angeles!
  • Da Club!
  • Arcades!
  • A morgue!
  • Inside your house!
  • The beach.

Things are generally going to look like this for a bit:

Stick around for the fun stuff. The new season of The Attack will be bigger and better than before, with plenty of dank memes ahead.

<3 You All,
Jake-Bot of The Attack