2018 week 2 and I still may need an aspirin to help with that new year's hangover. We have no time to rest in Attack-land as we're hitting the ground running with a strong new slate of Twitch programming to bring in the year! 

We're most excited to bring you our new and improved version of CONTENT! Content is now a four hour long morning show featuring Alex, Coral, Joey, Nick, Jason, and often times the rest of the Attack back office. Nothing is off limits as this crew helps you get through your morning with a mix of games, videos, stunts, giggles, news, interviews, and in-fighting. It's only been a week, but I think it apt to say that we're the best damn morning show on twitch.  For those of you who would prefer to listen to our voices instead of looking at our faces; you can now subscribe to content in podcast form too! - http://feeds.feedburner.com/contentatk 

Additionally after Content we are going to be playing classic Attack VoDCasts. It's a shame to let the classic library go to waste, and we want to continue to share the magic of the older catalog with new fans!

The goal is to be able to add even more shows to the afternoon. LDIOTT? Bring your 12 inch? POINTLESS? Talk Attack? Synth Test? Keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed. 


Even though we are uber hyped to bring you the new morning CONTENT, we realize that some of you (and all of us) are bummed that we can't always be making The Attack in it's proper and pure form. These shows allow us to try and further grow our audience and bring new members into the Attack fam. We see a world where these new shows allow us to exponentially grow the channel and our patreon, allowing Attack to come back full time. As always, we would not be here without your support. It keeps the lights on, and Jason fed. We are going to need it more than ever in this time of transition and new beginnings. Your social currency, spreading the word of the show across the internet, is at paramount importance. 


We hope you got your seat-belts on. It's gonna be a crazy year.