A Super Bowl sported and a Justin Timberlake halftimed and we all made it back to work to tell the tale, if not a little worse for wear. We're pretty stoked on this week, and we think you will be too. 

Get Hyped

Have you heard the good word? Attack Arcade is launching this week. New show. New hotness. Packed with new segments and interactive whatnots. Premiering this Friday February 9th at 4:00PST. Join us LIVE at twitch.tv/theattack

Sick of looking at our faces?

Well luck for you, we also release many of our shows as podcasts! Here's some audio-only fun:

- Talk Attack is now available on iTunes:



- Pointless Podcast is also available on itunes:


- Bring Your 12" is making a return very soon!

Ch-ch-check 'em out.