The Attack on Boo! Poster


The Attack on Boo! Poster


A super rare image of the ghost that haunts our studio! He's been around for longer than we'd care to admit, and we've been afraid to call the Ghostbusters. 

This awesome print comes from Jon Busuttil, aka Boozmation! See more of his work on his ghost-ass kicking Deviant Art page.

Dimensions: 18" wide x 24" tall - Perfect for that wall where you've been missing ghosts.

Printed on high-quality, semi-glossy stock. #Tasty

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KP here friends. First off, "hi", you look great. Love the bangs. Secondly, I wanted personally share a thing or three about this print.

  1. I think this image is super-dope awesome-like and it is currently hanging at mi casa; I figured, maybe someone out there would feel the same, so here it is.
  2. The artist responsible for said super-dope-awesome is an elementary-school friend of mine, Jon "Booz" Busutil. To clarify, this means we were friends while both in elementary school, and beyond, not that I'm currently hanging out with pre-teens who happen to make great art.
  3. Even if I were hanging out with pre-teens, there's nothing inherently wrong with that. I mean, is it a little weird? Maybe. I should make friends my own age. What if I was just mentoring a kid? That's less odd, right, officer? But all of this is beside the point.
  4. Point is, Jon is awesome. He makes great art and teaches kids how to do the same, in a way that's literally his job and not at all suspect as explored in bullet three. 

It's a privilege to offer his amazing creation alongside our logo and I hope this spunky little ghost brings you an ounce of the joy it has brought me. Kisses.